The barbershop has been founded in 1991, in Aghios Eleftherios, a traditional neighborhood which has contributed its own part to the recent social development of Athens City. In 2001, the baton has been handed to Nikos Ferentinos, who has added his personal touch though his vision for Los Barberos as it is today. He gradually placed the rest of the members, creating a space that is purely male and combines functionality with high aesthetics.

The year 1991 is recorded as the year of establishing Los Barberos, and in this way we would like to pay tribute to its founder who communicated to us all his valuable knowledge. This is a knowledge that we have preserved and made the best possible use, so that we can travel within future with the respect and honor towards those who initiated the way.

We created our space with love and imagination by choosing a vintage style that is the most appropriate for achieving the delightful relaxation result that we would like to obtain.

Our tools are objects that come from the past, while our materials are of natural origin, and all of them have been chosen because of their high quality, handiness and beauty. These tools are meant to contribute, together with the unique skills of Los Barberos, to obtaining the optimum care of each male who joins us.

We preserve tradition and we use tools that come from yesterday, and are adapted to today’s needs. At the same time, we pay extra attention to the comfort and thus we have made part of our decoration some leather upholstered armchairs and comfortable sofas. The handmade washbasin has a dominant position in our barbershop, while our small, but always updated bar is an interesting extra.

Take care of yourself, enjoy your coffee or your drink offered by us, while at the same time, you can find out your personal style under our guidance.

Refresh yourself, relax and communicate, since every visit to Los Barberos is a complete and delightful experience.