Our specialized and experienced personnel have the knowledge and the will to offer a high standard service on male care. They discuss with you and suggest what suits you better so that your style and personality become prominent.

Visit our barbershop and enjoy the absolute care experience offered by Los Barberos.


You can choose a modern or a classic styled haircut that suits better to your style and your daily routine and Los Barberos will perform it for you. By using a comb together with the scissors or the hair clipper, we create the new upgraded image of yourself and then we use the appropriate products to complete our work with the necessary styling.

Los Barberos can relieve the stress and make your scalp feeling invigorated after a relaxing hair wash.


Little gentlemen can be familiarized with upscale aesthetics and this is what matters to us. We cultivate their relationship with male care by giving extra care and by using our imagination. In this way, they can develop their own personal style that they will follow as teenagers and adults later on.


Los Barberos apply the cool shaving foam on the face by using the shaving brush, and then proceed with an intense facial massage that helps the skin pores to open so that they go on with the vintage style shaving by a straight razor.

You can also choose to have a hot towel shaving or/ and a facial massage.

We apply the moisturizing pre-shave cream that suits your skin type. Then, we place the hot towel and the skin pores open wider. After that the shaving lather comes. We apply it by using the appropriate for your skin shaving brush and then the straight razor shaving comes. Immediately after, we use the special aluminum block that protects your skin from shaving irritations, just before the relaxing facial massage during which we press the appropriate points on your face in order to make the facial muscles relax. At the end, we switch from cold to warm, and vice versa. In this way, we achieve skin tightening and finally we apply the moisturizing cream that makes you feel fresh and invigorated.


The most sophisticated service offered by Los Barberos comes for those who appreciate and desire luxury for their special every day moments. We prepare the skin by applying an appropriate for your skin type pre shaving cream and then we place the hot towel that opens the skin pores wider and relaxes your skin.

We proceed with applying the shaving lather and we shave by using a straight razor depending on the hair direction. For a close shave, we repeat the procedure by shaving towards the opposite direction of the hair growth. By using a special aluminum block, we eliminate any irritation that might appear during the next step, which is that of the relaxing facial massage. We press the right points of the face and the facial muscles are getting relaxed. After that, we apply cold after warm, and vice versa, in order to achieve the absolute facial tightening.

This special care includes cleansing of the cheekbones, the nose and the forehead by a special soap, as well as exfoliating with the use of the appropriate scrub. The next step is the application of a special facial mask and the procedure is completed by the moisturizing cream that leaves your skin supple and invigorated.

This will be an unforgettable experience of a kind!


One of the key elements of the male image is the beard, and therefore it deserves its own individualized care. Los Barberos have the knowledge and experience required to use the electric shaver for giving your beard the right shape and then, according to your personal needs, proceed with completing your beard trimming with the use of scissors or trimmer.


The art of threading on the face and cheekbones is ideal for giving your beard the shape that fits you best.


The full beard care combines the optimum care to the best value for money. Depending on the needs of each face, we use the appropriate tools, together with the art of beard threading, so that you enjoy a complete care that can reveal your profile and personality at the same time.

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