Premium services


Enjoy the experience of Los Barberos extra care on the most important day of your life. If you would like to organize a bachelor party that will be unforgettable, we can prepare our space in such a way so that you can celebrate and relax together with your friends in a festive mood that only Los Barberos can offer. We pay extra attention to the care and right preparation of the bridegroom, and we prepare him in the most complete way for the beginning of his new life.

For Los Barberos this is not enough!

We offer a luxurious shave for the bridegroom and his special guests, we serve a platter of selected meat bites, and we take care so that your glasses are full with the drink of your choice, while at the same time, you can enjoy your favorite cigars.


Los Barberos may come at home to perform a complete care of the bridegroom, with a perfect and fresh result guaranteed.

After the traditional luxurious shaving, we complete the bridegroom image with a haircut and styling so that we achieve a dazzling result!

Of course, the service of Los Barberos, provided at home, goes beyond the bridegroom care.

Your personal Los Barberos comes at your place together with his tools and he offers either an individual service or the complete set of services that you wish for, so that you can have a special experience at your personal space.


In order for you to achieve the perfect team bonding, Los Barberos offer the ideal set of services.

Either by a gift card, or by organizing an event with culinary specialties and drinks, you can enhance your corporate image with the unique care provided by the experienced and specialized hands of Los Barberos.

By offering such an original gift that goes beyond the usual, you can achieve bonding the team spirit between your personnel and your partners, while, at the same time, you provide a bonus tο your executives.


The private pack of services includes any combination of services that you may choose among those provided by Los Barberos. You can enjoy a haircut together with a facial care or / and a full beard care. Additionally, you can have your drink and taste a delicious snack.

You can visit us outside normal working hours (upon consultation), in case you wish to enjoy the service of your choice in private.

This service can be provided either personally, in case you prefer to enjoy privacy, or to you and your friends so that you can experience the feeling of an original male club offered by Los Barberos.