Once upon a time Los Barberos made a vision come true: a meeting point has been created, intended only for males of all ages, which promotes two objectives:

first of all, the personalized, complete care and secondly, but equally significant, the possibility to communicate and discuss at a comfortable place, of a unique taste, which reminds of a men’s club, where tradition and modern skills and aesthetics are successfully combined.

A place where everybody feels comfortable and at the same time can enjoy high quality services.

Our philosophy is summarized in the phrase “Respect and dedication to the needs and style of each and every male”. A phrase that becomes reality every single day.

Today, our vision keeps on developing. This track of development has been set with hard work, ethics and professionalism, while at the same time, we have been always focusing on man.

The way that we have set the path that we follow, since the beginning of our story, reflects our philosophy, but also the legacy that we would like to create starting from the past and moving towards our future, always proving ourselves through our actions.

We always focus on man.

Once Upon a Man…: focusing on this reveals the pathway that all of us have set and followed. This is the pathway that Los Barberos chose every day for each and every single man.

Every man who becomes attractive due to his personality, who is authentic and creates his imprint by his actions while he always seeks for new experiences.

Every man who has a vision and dares, who takes risks and turns everything upside down, having always on his mind the creation of a better future.

Every man who enjoys the attention that he deserves and he is ready to conquer his dreams.

The goal of Los Barberos is always to make you feel the way you really are: unique and special, while, at the same time, you write your own story in this beautiful and challenging trip.

Everything starts with “Once Upon a Man…”